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Learning Solutions

We offer a range of
Learning Solutions

A one-size-fits-all approach is not the most effective, and Learning Solutions are not just about developing training content. Delivering effective learning outcomes is achieved by a blended/tailored approch aligned to your business objectives.

Blended Learning Solutions

Our goal is to understand your learning requirements and design a solution best suited to your needs and requirements. This could be a blended learning model that combines instructor led and eLearn to interactively teach key concepts, techniques and processes.


We work with all types of eLearning software and technology, from standard eLearning courses to virtual reality and gamification, to mobile learning. We specialise in creating corporate learning that is accessible on any device, anywhere.

Induction Courses

Employee induction training is proven to be invaluable in helping new staff get up to speed more quickly and effectively. Reduced costs, more consistent delivery of service/products and increased staff engagement are positive factors that make this training - and ROI - worthwhile.

Indigenous Awareness Training

All of our training includes a Welcome to Country. Our custom Indigenous training programs include an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Awareness module - a brand new resource designed to provide you with a comprehensive picture of Indigenous history, culture and achievements. The program also outlines an organisations' responsibilities when working with Indigenous Australian communities.

Leadership Training

Our Extended DISC Consultants are not just trainers, they're coaches – and they'll work with leaders in your business to mentor and coach them on how to sharpen skills and enhance performance at all levels. Whether you want to build a strong leadership development program or simply want some individualised advice and guidance, we'll support you in every way possible with qualified and experienced Extended DISC Consultants.

Experienced Facilitators

Stressed about delivering that training you created? We can do it for you. And if you've got your own great content, we can make sure it works for your learners.

Business Consulting

We offer a range of
Business Consulting Services

Don't waste time and money. Our experienced business consultants will analyse your business situation and identify areas for improvement. We offer you a practical approach to your current situation and realistic solutions through our network of legal, accounting, IT and business professionals.

Business Consulting

Don't waste time and money. Our experienced business consultants will analyse your business situation and identify areas for improvement. We offer you a practical approach to your current situation and realistic solutions through our network of legal, accounting, IT and business professionals.

Business Plan Implementation

Whether you have a brand-new idea or established business, we can help you identify your opportunities for success. Our team of consultants will prepare a comprehensive, practical business plan that clarifies key strategies, resources and measures that will get you to where you want to go.

Business Growth Strategies

Need an action plan for growth? We look at where you are and where you want to be, and work out a doable way to get there.

General Management Strategies

With our help, you will be able to maintain maximum productivity and profitability, as well as smooth operations in all areas of your business. With our extensive industry knowledge and management experience, we will work on a number of specific issues to equip you to better handle all your business functions.

Human Resources Management

We offer a range of
Human Resources Services

HR is a key element to the success of any business or organisation. We help you ensure that your people department is aligned with your strategy and you achieve full value across the whole organisation.

HR Frameworks

Our team of experienced HR professionals will provide a comprehensive review and diagnostic of your current people and cultures’ state. We’ll design a plan, support the implementation and ensure the desired outcomes are achieved!

Investigations & Performance Counselling

We are here to ensure your employee relations concerns are quickly and professionally resolved. Our professional HR investigators have successfully investigated and resolved over 800 unique employee relation matters within such areas as theft, elder abuse, sexual harassment, fraud, bullying and harassment.

HR Compliance

Do you want peace of mind that your business is compliant with Equal Employment laws? Packer & Associates can assess your employment practices and work with you to fix any gaps. We can also help you streamline your current hiring processes so that you stay compliant in the future.

People & Performance

Our range of human resource services including award analysis and negotiation, skills gap analysis, competency mapping, role profiling, coaching and training solutions will enable your people to maximise their performance and drive results.

Managing for Performance Results

When employee behaviour or performance needs a boost, we help you to turn challenges into opportunities. Our experienced team works with you to find the right solutions for individuals or teams so that performance and behaviour improves. Give your leaders the tools they need to be successful. We help your managers and leaders get up to speed with the latest strategies and methods for inspiring and managing individuals, teams and companies - enabling them to achieve results.

Wages, Bonuses & Benefits

Bonuses and benefits create an attractive Employee Value Proposition. We have an effective, low cost strategy to attract and retain good people.  If you struggle to navigate Annual Salary Reviews, we have the expertise to assist.

HR Systems and Policies

Our HR specialists utilise a library of tools, systems, policies and processes tailor-made to meet your business needs. Our HR practitioners are highly experienced in supporting businesses through times of major change.


Project Management

Packer & Associates are a team of expert project managers. We ensure all projects are managed within time, cost and scope and we deliver on time.


Financial Review & Analysis

Let our accountants and financial planners identify your current financial position and recommend cost-saving solutions to improve your cash flow. We work with you to create sustainable budgets that give you a wide range of options to suit your specific business needs.